Dear friends of years gone by: you’ll always have a friend in me.



This is a complete departure from my typical blog content, but be it nostalgia or just the emotions of life spilling out, I wanted to take time to acknowledge something special: friendship. I am so fortunate to have some very deep and meaningful friendships today that know I could not be surviving without.

I have also been fortunate to have had some beautiful friendships with people who today I may not know anymore, who may now be a casual acquaintance, or even a perfect stranger. And this post is for them.


Dear friend of years gone by,

Life is a strange and wonderous thing. It brings people, experiences, circumstances, and relationships in and out of your life constantly, and sometimes, like it did for you and I, it separated us.

Not by malice or by conflict, but by sheer changing of directions, our lives took us down different paths. What was once an every weekend sleepover, or daily conversation, a nightly country cruise after work or class, a get together with our young children, nights out on the town, or commiserating over our troubled relationships, is now a casual glance at each other’s Facebook page or liking of each other’s posts and life events. You are living your life, have formed new bonds, maybe found a new significant other, a new purpose in life, and I have done the same. Because that’s life. People change, and grow, and sometimes, like in our case, we didn’t fit into each other’s changes.

But I want you to know; even though life took us different ways, I have never stopped caring. I have never stopped hoping that your life has ended up being what you dreamed it would be, I have never stopped wishing you all the best from afar, I have never stopped thinking of all the fun we had together when we were so close we felt like the same person… And I have never stopped wondering if you think of me too.

We may not be close now, but because of your presence in my life, I am who I am today. Whether we were childhood friends, high school friends, or friends as young women, I can assure you that that time in my life was better because you were a part of it. Time may have distanced the friendships, but the memories are forever.

Thank you. For loving me, for being my confidant, my partner in crime, my shoulder to cry on, my saver of sanity…thank you for being my friend. Thank you for making my journey through life better and brighter and more fun…I will always be grateful for you, and if you ever need a friend, I will be here for you. Because I loved you then, and I always will.